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Monday, February 27, 2012

Pamper Packs Revealed? Oh, alright then!

From previous post...

"Oh! It ended alright!"

It ended at about 1:30am Christmas morning with my husband and I finally tying up the last of the garbage bag tie offs to seal up the final pamper pack! heard correctly, garbage bags!  No, I didn't go troppo and throw all my hard work out in the rubbish...

Due to the size, weight, and awkwardness of the apple-barrel type pots that I chose to fill with goodies, we had no way of actually glamourously wrapping the finished product.  So we resorted to using big black garbage bags to hide the contents of packs with a little Christmas gift tag tied on with some curling ribbon!

And hide the contents of the packs these bags did...rather well actually.  I commented to my husband that the recipients would probably work out what they were getting just by the smells these pots emitted!  Being the curious bunch they are, I was sure they'd have it all sniffed out long before we got around to opening gifts on Christmas morning!  But, to my surprise, the plastic garbage bag hid the smells really well in fact, they actually emitted a rather foul, synthetic odour.  On presenting their gifts, I apologised for the stink and justified it by telling them all I had no other way to wrap these strange, weighty objects!

When it came to opening up the pressies Christmas morning, I had but one request of all the recipients - I asked if they would kindly leave our gift until last to open, and would they all open them at the same time?  I was looking for the ultimate surprise.  I was pretty sure this request wouldn't be an issue based on the perplexed look on their faces when they first laid eyes on these alien-looking gifts!

The long, drawn out opening-gifts-procedure of the morning was well worth it.  The look of surprise...or is that disbelief (?) on their faces was all the gift I needed.   Due to the amount of glassware in these packs, we loaded up the pots with heaps of shredded paper to cushion the jars so they wouldn't clang together and smash.  Not only was this a great way to recycle (?!) but it added to the fun - digging...searching...finding...

For the first time for the entire morning, there was quiet...not really a good sign one would've thought, however they were all in shock.  They couldn't quite believe what lay before them.  There was just so much!  What to look at first!

My husband and I struggle every year to work out what to buy others for Christmas.  In fact, it is a tradition that I have come to absolutely loathe.  Instead of being a joyful experience, I find it rather stressful - so much expectation - have I got the right thing...does it look like I've spent enough...will they actually like it...use it?  Have they got one already...?

It's own family actually missed out on all this soapy, smelly goodness as our family banned Christmas gift-giving quite a few years ago.  We still spend time with each other, but without all the fuss of expensive presents.  This has certainly been a stress-reliever, however my husband's family is still clinging tightly to that time-honoured tradition of giving gifts...hence some time spent coming up with something unique!

But this year, I knew we had to be on a winner.  I mean, who wouldn't love to get a huge pot full of goodies they can actually use and enjoy?

For the first time in a long time, my husband and I got sit back and relax and enjoy the show!

It was great to just sit and watch the reactions.  You always get one who dives in head first and has to pull everything out at once just to see the general scope of what they've received.  Then you'll get another who likes to take their time and look at and smell each individual item and appreciate what it does for their senses.  And then you always get the one who sits back and casts an eye at the overall picture and says how nice it all've put a lot of work into all of must have taken you ages to do it all...

Well yes!  It did!  Now start digging!!!

I guess it was just so overwhelming they didn't think there'd be anything under the top layer except a tonne of shredded paper....


Eventually, our grateful recipients came to realise the full extent of what they had just received...and for that I am truly thankful!

So, keeping in mind that photos could never really do justice to what was hidden in amongst all the recycled paper...

I would like to present to you my 2011 Christmas Pamper Packs!

The stockings were stuffed with chocolates and the gender-specific soaps... (and in this case, two bottles of wine also!)

There were palm pillar candles and soy container candles...

Bath bombs, M&P soaps, CP soaps...

And buried somewhere beneath all of that...a jar of sugar cube scrubs and bottles of homemade jam. 

And so ended my Christmas soaping marathon!

I was exhausted by the time I got to bed on Christmas Eve (well, Christmas morning actually!)...but absolutely elated at the result.

So what do you think?  Do my pamper packs 'tick-the-box' for a top-notch handmade personalised Christmas gift?  I would love to hear the thoughts and opinions of all you experienced soapmakers out there - if any of you are reading my blog that is!   This was a first for me so I would love to hear about what you do when it comes to pampering your loved ones.

Looking forward to your comments...great suds and bubbles to you all!


  1. Wowza! Those are amazing gift packages. I am going to chuck my family and join your husbands family so I can get a gift like this. Very very cool!

    1. Welcome to my blog Donna! Thanks for the lovely comment. I only wish you could see all the bits and pieces - my photography skills really need some work. I think I may be a little stuck for gifts this Christmas however, 'cause they'll probably still be using all the stuff from last year!