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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Special Soap for a Special Place...

If you've read through any of my other posts on this blog, you would have come across a post where I shared some photos of my (I should say 'our' as my husband loves this place as much as I do!) favourite holiday destination.

Comfort Resort Blue Pacific is located at beautiful Blacks Beach in Mackay, Queensland, Australia and has been our annual holiday destination for more than fifteen years now.  Every year we look forward to getting away, down to Blacks Beach where we can just sit admiring the view of the ocean, right from the resort's beachfront grounds.

It is this place in fact that inspired my very first attempt at a real artisan soap, a soap that carried a theme and depicted something that everyone would recognise at first sight.

After I had gotten quite a few batches of cold processed soap under my belt as a beginner, I felt it was time to start spreading my creative wings so to speak.  This is pretty usual for me.  I often get started in a new craft domain and it isn't long before I'm done with the beginner's kits and looking for a greater challenge! 

So I set out to really test my new soapmaking ability by venturing to create something that represented a place I really love.  And I have to say, I was absolutely amazed at just how pleasing the end result was!

The greenish-blue of the ocean with the deeper swirls reminds me of exactly what we see when we are sitting and relaxing on the beachfront.  The white caps represent just how choppy the ocean can get along our coastline...especially when it is cyclone season and we are subjected to some wild storms.
To this day I've been able to closely replicate this design each time I make it with varying swirl patterns and only some slight variation of sea colour.  Some days the water is a little more green than blue, which is pretty close to what one sees with their own eyes on location.

When it came to naming this particular soap, the choice really wasn't fact there was absolutely no question what it had to be called.
~ Blue Pacific ~


Not bad for my first real attempt at a true artisan soap! 
Now this little beauty, one of my absolute favourites still to this day, resides happily in the bathrooms of the perfectly located beachfront units at Comfort Resort Blue Pacific!  Guests can experience a little piece of PKM Creations Blue Pacific handmade artisan soap for themselves each time they stay at the resort. 
How truly fortunate I am to have found this little piece of paradise!

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