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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Another Christmas Marathon!

I know, I know...way behind in these posts!  So much to catch up on!
I realise I started this year with a post that reflected my progress towards creating a business from my hobbies.  Obviously I didn't get very far with my recount of what happened following September when my new business, PKM Creations, started to make some local appearances.  Well, I hope to catch up a little in this post.
I have mixed feelings about the time I chose to kick things into action as far as launching a new business goes.  Instead of easing my way into things, I seem to always take a head-long plunge into the deep end! 
As you know, I started participating in some local market days and school fairs as a way to get my products out at a local level.  This was working a treat but at that particular time of the year (September onwards) everyone is starting to gear up for Christmas and of course, one can't be neglectful in terms of special offerings to suit the occasion.  So it was that not only was I just venturing out with my meagre range of products as a new business, so too was I trying to fit the bill by establising something special for Christmas.
So, my endeavours focussed on creating gift boxes or pamper packs for Christmas.  Little did I realise I'd soon be in the throes of some major production work!  Yes, that meant...another Christmas Marathon!
Not only did I offer to take orders from visitors to our stalls at the various markets, I also had some dear friends and relatives jump on the offer not only for their relatives but as a corporate 'thank you' to clients and staff. 
There were some fairly intense days in the workshop (sometimes I find myself referring to it as the sweat shop!!) as I went into mass production for 119 (yes, you read that typos here!) pamper packs!  Quite a feat when you have a limited number of soap moulds, candle moulds and very limited space in which to store not only raw ingredients and supplies but also completed product!
In the end, I had produced well over 300 candles and 300 bars of soap!  I also had bath bombs, lip balms and sugar scrub cubes thrown in for good measure in some boxes, as well as some glycerine soaps for some of the smaller boxes and those that were themed or geared especially towards their particular recipients.
I guess it was a good thing I was confident I could stand up to the challenge! 
I'm pleased to say it all ended on a very high note with the challenge met and 119 pamper packs delivered to their lucky recipients well in time for Christmas!

So where did all of these little beauties end up?  All over Australia!  I guess I'm fortunate enough now to say that someone, somewhere, in every state in this vast country of ours, has had a little taste of what PKM Creations has to offer!
And what did I learn from this little experience?
Well, good planning is essential...knowing your limits...being confident in your product...having great helpers is always a bonus (!) and being prepared to push yourself  hard to achieve your goals is absolutely necessary.
Is this scenario likely to occur again...probably not.  Would I front up for another crack at the challenge if it did...absolutely!
I guess we'll just have to wait and see what this Christmas brings!

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