The successful experience of FLY company’s EPE foaming machine export project

Oct 23, 2023

Background introduction:


As a senior foreign trade salesperson of FLY Company, I led the team to successfully complete the export project of EPE foaming machine. In this story, I will describe in detail our steps, strategies, and ultimately the successful outcome we achieved.


Step One: Market Research and Targeting


Before launching the project, we conducted in-depth market research to understand the target market needs, competition and characteristics of potential customers. We identified the geographical distribution of export markets, industry application areas, and regulatory standards and certification requirements for each market.


Step Two: Product Positioning and Optimization


Based on the market research results, we positioned and optimized the company's EPE foaming machine. By adjusting product parameters and enhancing performance features, we ensure that our products comply with relevant regulations and standards of the target market, making our products more competitive in the fierce market competition.


Step 3: Establish a strong supply chain and quality control system


Cooperate with suppliers to ensure the quality of raw materials is controllable and establish a strict quality control system. We supervise the production process to ensure the stability of product quality and improve customer satisfaction.


Step Four: Marketing and Brand Building


By participating in international industry exhibitions, building a multi-lingual company website, and publishing product information on social media platforms, we actively conduct marketing promotions to enhance the company's visibility in target markets. At the same time, we join some local industry associations to strengthen communication and cooperation with local customers.


Step Five: Compliance Guarantee and After-Sales Service


During the export process, we strictly abide by the trade regulations and standards of each target market to ensure product compliance. In addition, we provide comprehensive after-sales service, including technical support, product manuals in different languages, and prompt resolution of any questions or concerns to build a trusting relationship with our customers.


Step Six: Customized Solutions and Flexible Negotiation


Understanding that different customers may have unique needs, we provide customized solutions to meet their specific needs. Our team is flexible in negotiations and adapts to changes in product specifications, packaging and delivery terms to ensure a smooth collaboration with our customers.


project outcome:


The successful execution of the above steps enabled FLY Company's EPE foaming machine export project to achieve its set goals. Our products have gained wide recognition in target markets and established long-term cooperative relationships with key customers. The company's reputation for high-quality products and reliable service grows, resulting in increased sales and market share.


This successful experience fully proves that in international export projects, adequate market research, product optimization, a strong supply chain, effective marketing strategies, compliance and excellent after-sales service are crucial to success. FLY will continue to draw on this experience, continue to explore new opportunities, and further expand its influence in the global market.

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